Wow that was a long break ….

This week I picked up the coaching books again after quite a long break! Last year 2009 in February I started this coaching course at ICA and now February 2010 I have started taking classes again and am really excited about picking this all up!
and of course starting my own business. I am just looking at what it will look like, how it will work, and how to combine E-learning and Coaching into Rebelou, so that I have one company with a similar audience that can make use of the E-learning courses on offer as well as take one on one coaching with me. So I did a brainstorm today and it is starting to take some shape. Also did a class today on the “research paper” and why not take as a topic Coaching and E-learning what’s the ideal blend?
For now that will be my topic and I am going to chew on it a little more and let you know how it goes… now I am off to prepare for my 6th class this week and this year! Isn’t it amazing!
Woohooo I am very happy.

I also got a really nice e-mail from my coach Isabelle today, she was in the same research class with me this morning and she was very enthusiastic about my research paper and sent me some interesting links to an e-learning course that she took.

I am thinking of putting together a survey for all people that have taken e-learning on coaching, to what it’s effectiveness is, so let’s see what comes out!

See ya!