Intent in Coaching and E-learning

Today we discussed Intent. What is Intent?

Intent is showing great determination to do something, with full attention, or effort concentrated or focused on one thing. You could also see it as the belief that is driving our thoughts, words and actions.

Discovering your Intent can be a very interesting journey. Ask yourself:

What is the reason why I am doing this?

Well that’s the question I asked myself today in relation to why I want to create E-learning: I discovered I want to train lots of people using E-learning, create a more customer focused approach and create more positive experiences for people.

The second question to ask yourself is:

What do I believe about myself in relation to this situation?

So I answered myself that I am a great facilitator, I can reach people with my message, I am good at helping people learn, I have a great way of making e-learning work, so that it is good, accessible and useful.

The third question would be:

What stopped you from achieving your intent?

Well I answered, time, fear of the unknown, unable to imagine it actually working and I can’t really seem to imagine the path from where I am now to where I would like to be.

Now today in my coaching class with Nick Bosk, a great ICA coach and teacher, we imagined traveling to the future and meeting our future self there, so we could ask some questions. I asked my future self what am I to do next? and I said: You are on the right track, relax, trust in yourself, keep going the way you are going and you will get there. Start small and don’t be too hard on yourself.

This was an extremely insightful experience, which I just had to share with you.

Intent is a very powerful tool, that can really drive you, and the powerful thing is, you can create any intent you want!


The game of life…. ;)

Just had a coaching topic on Lightness versus Significance, wouldn’t life be much easier if you could make a game out of everything? Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if you could play around like a kid and the world was your playground. Think about how much easier life would feel. Not so heavy and difficult with lots of ‘significance’. I like the thought of that.
Now to achieve this is a different point. As we started to talk about this topic, I figured that on a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is everything is light and game, I was at a 7.5 after chatting for an hour on this topic, I figured I wasn’t quite there, but would like to be there… see things in an easier frame of mind, making life lighter and more fun. So now I realise I am more at the 6 – 6.5 mark, so would like to add some fun and games to my life. I am realizing however that that is easier said than done… but I guess it’s a start to be aware!

Where are you on the scale of Lightness vs Significance?
Place a comment with your thoughts below! Thanks

E-Learning along the curve: adapting to knowledge workers learning needs

E-Learning along the curve: adapting to knowledge workers learning needs.

An interesting article for my Coaching Research paper!

Thanks Michael!

Wow that was a long break ….

This week I picked up the coaching books again after quite a long break! Last year 2009 in February I started this coaching course at ICA and now February 2010 I have started taking classes again and am really excited about picking this all up!
and of course starting my own business. I am just looking at what it will look like, how it will work, and how to combine E-learning and Coaching into Rebelou, so that I have one company with a similar audience that can make use of the E-learning courses on offer as well as take one on one coaching with me. So I did a brainstorm today and it is starting to take some shape. Also did a class today on the “research paper” and why not take as a topic Coaching and E-learning what’s the ideal blend?
For now that will be my topic and I am going to chew on it a little more and let you know how it goes… now I am off to prepare for my 6th class this week and this year! Isn’t it amazing!
Woohooo I am very happy.

I also got a really nice e-mail from my coach Isabelle today, she was in the same research class with me this morning and she was very enthusiastic about my research paper and sent me some interesting links to an e-learning course that she took.

I am thinking of putting together a survey for all people that have taken e-learning on coaching, to what it’s effectiveness is, so let’s see what comes out!

See ya!

What is your vision for your ideal service culture?

A very interesting question, what does your ideal service culture look like? what does it feel like to work in that environment and how will your guests feel?

I am curious to find out your thoughts… click on the “comment” button below to type in what comes to mind when you think of your ideal service culture.

Talk to you soon!


Jippie! They said yes!

As mentioned I have put a message on facebook now for a free trial coaching session, and I have had 2 replies on that from people I have worked with in the past! Cool He! So I am going to get in touch with them and organise my trial sessions…

Also I had sent out a message to 2 people that I was speaking with mid 2008 and they also said yes to the trial sessions!! Woohooo! I am really happy 🙂

So I have one in the diary for Saturday.. exciting..

Also I posted my coach request on the discussion board and I have set appointments to be coached for 3 trial sessions also, let’s see how that goes 🙂 ….

… started at ICA…

Well yesterday I officially started with my first class at ICA, really exciting… AFter the class I did a few actions:

  • Posted on a discussion board on Linked In
  • Contacted 2 people via e-mail about Trial Sessions
  • Spoke to 2 people about Trial sessions

In the e-mails I tried to connect to the persons first, by finding common ground then offering the trial session and finally saying that I am looking forward to hearing from them about how they are doing! So getting the action in there… let’s see 🙂

In the face to face, I first talked about how I started my ICA coaching course, then I introduced the trial session, and when there was some confusion about this I explained what coaching was all about, and that you need to really want it. One of my friends suggested namely that she knew someone that was not performing in her partners company and therefor could use some coaching. So I explained that coaching is for people that want to be coached, I can’t force it upon a person so to speak, they need to want to improve an area of their life, and therefor want a coach to help them…

At least that’s my perspective, any other thoughts? Let me know in the comments section!

Now it is about Consistency and Persistance… so I have to put some more posts on linked in and Facebook also, I heard in one of the classes that this is another way of getting trials… just finding a way to actually get the facebook set up, not sure yet what I could do here…

So I guess If I would post one post every day on a different blog in Linked In  that would be  a good action.

My actions after today’s class are to get more info on the Blogging thing, so this is what I did today, posted a new entry and changed the picture on the top… you like it?

Also I had a question about the Mentor coach, what that means exactly, so any answers would be great on this one!

Also I am going to do the assignment from the Foundation Intro class and I will post that on the discussion board in ICA…

And also I wrote on the discussion board to get a coach… I want someone that can really challenge me and get me out of my comfortzone, so that I can achieve more, because I know I can!!

hmm great session this morning with Nick Bosk, I understood that he started doing the teleclasses last week and I really enjoyed his session. He is very enthusiastic and I loved the way he started the session with the encouragement from the team on the celebrations! Also his voice sounded very enthused and motivated, really got me on the tip of my chair to share and participate!

I guess that’s it for today!


By the way if you are reading this I would love to know who you are? and where you are from? and how you got to this blog? Cause I have no idea 🙂