The Research Question:

Coaching and E-learning, What is the ideal blend?

How can E-learning best support coaching, what parts could be e-learning, and what is the impact of this? What elements of coaching can be incorporated in e-learning courses and how effective are these?

What parts should remain live coaching?

These are the questions that I would like to research and document in my Research paper for ICA.


3 Responses to “Research”

  1. shashi Says:

    I had done some work on this during my MBA course. Now with support of latest webbased tools, E-learning has ability to not only replace the traditional learning patterns but also it will provide more convenience and comfort. People need not to travel, stay at college campus. But obiously e-learning medium is suited to higher education and professional education. It can supplement but not replace elementary and other such educations. bye Shashi

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Shashi,

    Thanks very much for your comment! Yes it can’t replace it all… but has got lots of advantages indeed. Now with your experience, what individual (one on one) interactions (in education or other fields) could be replaced with e-learning you think?



  3. shashi Says:

    As you see now days, most of universities are offering or they are in process of structuring their professional and academic courses through web based platform. I work in Oracle at Toronto and interact my india based staff regularily via web meeting where we can share our content immediately and discuss on that. If I have liberty to predict for next 5 years. I think after 5 years most of us will have mobile phone, with all web based utilities at very affordable price. we can talk, share documents, presentations. And this is going to bring revolution in web based communication.

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