Making E-learning work

When I ask people in companies how they like e-learning, they usually say it is a rather boring page turning exercise that really doesn’t excite them at all, but just needs to get done to keep the boss happy…

What are your experiences with E-learning?

Well I am a firm believer in E-learning, when it is done the right way it can be a fantastic tool to learn new things.
  • I believe E-learning should be short and to the point.
  • I believe it should be very interactive, meaning that you actually have to pay attention 😉
  • I believe e-learning should be fun to do.
  • I believe that you should learn something from e-learning, meaning that by the end of the course you actually would remember what you learned 😉

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Intent in Coaching and E-learning

Today we discussed Intent. What is Intent?

Intent is showing great determination to do something, with full attention, or effort concentrated or focused on one thing. You could also see it as the belief that is driving our thoughts, words and actions.

Discovering your Intent can be a very interesting journey. Ask yourself:

What is the reason why I am doing this?

Well that’s the question I asked myself today in relation to why I want to create E-learning: I discovered I want to train lots of people using E-learning, create a more customer focused approach and create more positive experiences for people.

The second question to ask yourself is:

What do I believe about myself in relation to this situation?

So I answered myself that I am a great facilitator, I can reach people with my message, I am good at helping people learn, I have a great way of making e-learning work, so that it is good, accessible and useful.

The third question would be:

What stopped you from achieving your intent?

Well I answered, time, fear of the unknown, unable to imagine it actually working and I can’t really seem to imagine the path from where I am now to where I would like to be.

Now today in my coaching class with Nick Bosk, a great ICA coach and teacher, we imagined traveling to the future and meeting our future self there, so we could ask some questions. I asked my future self what am I to do next? and I said: You are on the right track, relax, trust in yourself, keep going the way you are going and you will get there. Start small and don’t be too hard on yourself.

This was an extremely insightful experience, which I just had to share with you.

Intent is a very powerful tool, that can really drive you, and the powerful thing is, you can create any intent you want!

E-Learning along the curve: adapting to knowledge workers learning needs

E-Learning along the curve: adapting to knowledge workers learning needs.

An interesting article for my Coaching Research paper!

Thanks Michael!