Annemarie – Freelance Coach & E-learning Developer

Annemarie Rebel – Freelance Coach & E-learning developer

I have a passion for coaching and e-learning and that’s why I started this blog. To share my passion with the world.

I live in the Netherlands, The Hague, we moved here in January 2010. Coaching has a been a passion for me over the last 5 years. It all started when I saw the potential of coaching when I was being coached by my first boss. He was a fantastic coach and with his elegant and powerful questions, made me think, broaden my perspectives and increased my learning curve exponentially.

That is really what coaching is, it increases your learning curve, helps you discover bigger goals and get there faster.

Why Coaching?

What’s important to me in coaching is that you find your way, your motivation will come from within yourself, your ideas will come from within yourself. What I do is facilitate this process and help you find the way to that motivation and to those ideas. This way you will be able to achieve those goals that you have set for yourself, even faster.


I speak Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish
Coaching Language: Dutch or English

Career life (My full CV/Resume)

  • Graduated from Hotelschool The Hague in 2005
  • Worked in Learning and Development in Hotel Management in Europe and Africa for 6 months
  • Worked in Learning and Development in UK and Ireland for 3 years
  • Did many projects on E-learning, facilitated training courses and coached managers
  • Promoted to Regional Training Manager for London City Hotels
  • Moved to the Bahamas with my husband, worked there as Training Manager for Hilton Bahamas
  • Continued to create E-learning projects and continued coaching
  • Completed my Master NLP Practioner in Miami in 2008
  • In June 2009 Started my own E-learning and Coaching business
  • January 2010 Moved to the Netherlands with my husband

What I love

  • My husband
  • My 4 little brothers
  • Our baby to come in August
  • My friends all over the world
  • Salsa dancing
  • Learning new things

Article in the Personal Success Magazine from Annemarie Rebel on “My Bahamian Coaching day”


2 Responses to “Annemarie – Freelance Coach & E-learning Developer”

  1. Han Buwalda Says:

    Dear Annemarie,
    after googling e-learning in the hague I read your material. Inspiring things you did. Thanx for inspiring me and good uck with the motherhood. Are you going OK?
    Take care

    • Annemarie Says:

      Hi Han,

      Thank you for your comment! My apologies for the late reply… motherhood is really enjoyable, but it does take some time… which is now all taken up by my daughter rather than my blog, as you have seen.

      How is your business going?

      All the best


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