Action based on your values

This week there was a focus on action. Creating action to move forward to achieve your goals. Before taking action though, it is important to ensure the actions are aligned with your values. This week I reevaluated my values:
– Being genuinely interested in other people
– Respect other’s opinions and choices
– Have fun in life, it is important to laugh and to see the game of life
– Be free of judgement
– Love

This has put things in perspective for me and has allowed me to align my actions with these values.

What are your values, and how do you act on them?


2 Responses to “Action based on your values”

  1. Shashi Kant Says:

    you have great values, I really admire thoes. My values are:
    1) Love and help others without any expectation for any return.
    2) Always be confident
    3) love yourself- means have some time to entertain oneself doing things one like.
    4) Work harder with a vision and ambition
    5) Always be ready to welcome failures with grace and success with modesty.

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Thank you Shashi!
    You have great values yourself, it is great to work with a vision and with ambition and it helps you at the same time to take action! Also “wow” for the “always be confident” I know that is a challenge for some people 😉 I sure know that it isn’t always true for me, even though I aim for it.
    I also like your part on welcoming failures, it is so important to see “failures” as learning opportunities, see what you can do differently next time and apply it!

    Thanks for sharing!


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