The game of life…. ;)

Just had a coaching topic on Lightness versus Significance, wouldn’t life be much easier if you could make a game out of everything? Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if you could play around like a kid and the world was your playground. Think about how much easier life would feel. Not so heavy and difficult with lots of ‘significance’. I like the thought of that.
Now to achieve this is a different point. As we started to talk about this topic, I figured that on a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is everything is light and game, I was at a 7.5 after chatting for an hour on this topic, I figured I wasn’t quite there, but would like to be there… see things in an easier frame of mind, making life lighter and more fun. So now I realise I am more at the 6 – 6.5 mark, so would like to add some fun and games to my life. I am realizing however that that is easier said than done… but I guess it’s a start to be aware!

Where are you on the scale of Lightness vs Significance?
Place a comment with your thoughts below! Thanks


2 Responses to “The game of life…. ;)”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Hi Annemarie
    I agree – the world would be a different place if we knew how to create more lightness in our lives. I like your image of the child’s world – it reminds us of how that element of play, of game, is a natural part of our humanity. And we lose that a bit as we take on the issues of our adult lives.
    With this coaching tool, I find I am able to keep a perspective of lightness around most things. Not always of course, but as we said in class, I am learning to know the difference between concern (responding) and significance (reacting). I would say I am an 8 on the scale; I love to laugh and look for the light side of life as much as possible.
    Thanks for your post – it’s a great follow up to some of the things talked about in class today.

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Hi Kurt! Thanks so much for your reply! I did a little dance to celebrate 😉 As you are my first comment on my blog, woohoo!
    Wow being at an eight, that must be a very happy and light place to be, I am going to become more aware of my significance and get myself to a lighter place.
    Thanks for your suppot Kurt, I really appreciate it.

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